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The FinScope survey  was developed by FinMark Trust and was first piloted in 2002 in South Africa. The survey was conducted in many other countries with the main objective to measure and profile the levels of access to and uptake of financial products/services (both formal and informal) in a particular country, across income ranges and other demographics. There are two types of FinScope surveys: FinScope Consumer and FinScope MSME. Both studies are nationally representative surveys of how individual people or “small business” owners source their income and how they manage their financial lives. While FinScope Consumer focuses on adults in a particular country, FinScope MSME looks at owners of micro, small, and medium enterprises, as well as individual entrepreneurs. FinScope assists in establishing credible benchmarks and indicators of financial inclusion, while at the same time providing insights into market obstacles to growth and highlighting opportunities for policy reform and innovation in product development and delivery. FinScope findings can therefore be of value both to policymakers who wish to develop policies aimed at improving the functioning of financial markets, and to private service providers who are able to design product strategies around the segmentation and trends highlighted by the data, and to donors and non-governmental agencies who wish to support increased financial inclusion to specific regions or population groups. To date, FinScope Consumer surveys have been conducted in 19 countries (11 in SADC, 5 non-SADC Africa and 3 in Asia), while FinScope MSME surveys have been implemented in 6 SADC countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia).


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Some of the projects for FinScope are:

•South Africa: Field work for FinScope 2014 started on 4th of June and the survey is progressing well

•Mauritius: Fieldwork was finalised on the 22nd June and data capturing is on-going

•Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Fieldwork is progressing well and will be completed by end of July

•Mozambique: Fieldwork is progressing well and will be completed by mid July

•Swaziland: The fieldwork for Swaziland started on 28th of May week and the progress is satisfactory

•Zimbabwe: The questionnaire has been updated and will be finalised with the steering committee by mid July 2014

•India: FinMark Trust has finished evaluating the proposals for the Local Project Manager and the Research House. Questionnaire design will start before end of July 2014

•Malawi: The study has been completed and the public launch of the results is expected soon



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