Terms of Reference: MSME Supply-Side Diagnostic Consultant

This Terms of Reference (ToR) is issued by FMT in collaboration with the MFU under the Ministry of Finance of Swaziland.


The overall objective of the consultant(s) will be to develop a diagnostic for the MSME sector in Swaziland. In addition, the work is to identify key areas, groups or sectors within the MSME that have the highest potential for growth and industrialisation through this exercise.

It is worth noting that while the MSME sector’s main challenge may be access to affordable and adequate financial services, this is not the only significant growth barrier. Managerial and entrepreneurship skills, links to markets, formalisation, underlying attitudes and perceptions, economic outlook, etc. are also growth barriers for MSMEs.

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The scope of work and deliverables will include the development of the Inception Report, Diagnostics and Roadmap as articulated below. The Consultant(s) will be responsible for interviewing relevant stakeholders who will be identified through discussion with Swaziland counterparts. Frequent working sessions with the MFU team should therefore be built into the project plan throughout the course of the project.

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