Terms of Reference: Outsourcing of Human Resources and Payroll

Since its inception, FMT has outsourced the payroll function together with IT and Financial Services to The Shared Services Division of The Banking Association South Africa (BASA). This agreement has been terminated and a new service provider is required to perform the HR and payroll function for FMT as from 1 March 2017 on a contract basis.

To date FMT followed a matrix organisational structure, with a limited core staff component (17 employees) and various long-term consultants locally and across SADC (currently 16 in total). These consultants are getting paid via cashbook, but PAYE needs to be calculated and IRP5’s issued to South African based consultants (currently 11 in total).

It is important to note that key roles have been identified to be kept in house (permanent staff) and other roles to be outsourced to consultants based in South Africa and in various SADC countries. This ensures greater sustainability (dependence on donor funding) and provides flexibility for shorter term requirements and changes in topical technical experts within FMT’s structure.

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