Terms of Reference: Research Report – Understanding the Global Remittances Corridors in the Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC

FinMark Trust is seeking to expand its capacity with technical resources to assist with establishing the direction, helping to manage projects and engaging with stakeholders in the areas of cross border remittances leading to Regional Financial Integration and enabling access to finance by the poor population of the region.

The overall objective of the project is to better understand the global remittance corridors of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This will include remittances into and out of the DRC from other parts of the world. project will attempt to better understand the following;

  • The major corridors (formal as well as informal) in and out of the DRC;
  • The volumes and values involved;
  • The levels of informality;
  • The blockages to increasing formal channels;
  • The regulatory environment and
  • The products (and their pricing) currently availabe in their remmitance markets and their prices.
  • The systematic constraints at the first, middle and last mile to the formalisation of remittances.

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