Where is the Most Affordable Housing in South Africa?

In economic times like these, property is one of the only solid investments left to middle income earners in South Africa. While the rand has taken a beating from repeated junk status proclamations from the various investment grade powers that be, the house price index for medium-sized houses rose by 4.38% in 2016, according to ABSA. According to the same set of data, small-sized houses saw their values rise by 5.2%. While house prices are expected to slow their growth in the near-term, they remain one of the safest investments.

For the many South Africans hopeful about getting out of the renting game and becoming home owners on a small budget, time may be running short, but there remain several interesting opportunities according to fresh data from Private Property. The online real estate classifieds publisher went through their data trove from the past year and isolated several interesting patterns which could be valuable to South Africans looking for the best quality, affordable entries into home ownership.