Terms of Reference – Understanding the Remittances from Botswana to Zimbabwe

FinMark Trust would like to commission a study to understand the remittances from Botswana to Zimbabwe. These are formal as well as informal channels. The values and volumes, the costing as well as the regulatory environment for remittances needs to be examined. Background Remittances sent home by migrants to developing countries are estimated to be […]

Terms of Reference: i2i Data Collection & Verification Study of Financial Access Points in Nigeria

“The Central Bank of Nigeria seeks to automate the process of capturing selected financial access points. To find out how this process should be automated in the most efficient way, the Financial Inclusion Secretariat of the Central Bank of Nigeria seeks to hire a consulting firm to conduct data collection and verification of access point in […]

Terms of Reference: MSME Supply-Side Diagnostic Consultant

This Terms of Reference (ToR) is issued by FMT in collaboration with the MFU under the Ministry of Finance of Swaziland. Objectives The overall objective of the consultant(s) will be to develop a diagnostic for the MSME sector in Swaziland. In addition, the work is to identify key areas, groups or sectors within the MSME that have […]

Terms of Reference: Audit to FinMark Trust accounts for the 20017/18 financial year

FinMark Trust (FMT) is an independent trust established in 2002 with the objective of making markets work for the poor. Initial core funding was provided by UKaid from the Department for International Development (DFID) through its Southern Africa office. Recently additional funders have come on board including the UNCDF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, […]

Terms of Reference: Financial Inclusion M&E Mobile Pilot Survey

FinMark Trust (FMT) and the Insight2Impact (i2i) facility invite proposals from research organisations with relevant research experience and expertise to conduct a Financial Inclusion M&E mobile pilot survey. The scope of work is provided in the following terms of reference. About this project FMT, and the i2i facility and are working to develop a monitoring […]

Terms of Reference: Research Firm/Consortium to Conduct Pilot Survey on Financial Inclusion in Cameroon

FinMark Trust (FMT) invites proposals from research firms/companies with relevant research experience and expertise to conduct the Pilot Survey Cameroon 2017. The scope of work is provided in the following terms of reference. In order to fulfil its objectives, FMT is developing a pilot survey. It needs to be a representative survey of how individuals […]

Terms of Reference for i2i – Credit Pilot Study in Zimbabwe

i2i is in the process of developing new measurement frameworks aimed at measuring the use of financial services beyond the uptake indicators which are currently reported as headline indicators by the financial inclusion community. This will directly inform policymakers and financial service providers as to the issues in the financial inclusion market. As an essential […]