FinScope Consumer Survey Cameroon Pocket Guide

The FinScope Consumer Pocket Guide for Cameroon2017 is now available! This pocket guide represents key market data on financial inclusion in Cameroon.
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Does SADC have an identity crisis?

Remittances constitute the financial lifeline of many families back home. However, without access to sufficient, or any legal identity, financial institutions are unable to provide migrants with access to these important financial services.
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FMT in Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion is access, at an affordable cost for everyone, to financial products and services. Watch our video on Financial Inclusion and the impact FMT has made over the years.
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RT @sgnota After 3 days of serious problem-solving @TelOneZW #OneMoneyHackathon working with a great tea , glad our team was one of the winners Thanks to @NetOneCellular @Finmarktrust @Techzim @ElevateTrust for such a wonderful event. Going back to #100DaysOfCode pic.twitter.com/FawwXv7v0r

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