insight2impact (i2i) is partnering with a credit bureau in Zimbabwe on a study examining the use of credit in the Zimbabwean market.

i2i requires the services of research houses, preferably with a presence in Zimbabwe, to assist in data collection. Research houses are invited to view the terms of reference.

i2i is currently developing new measurement frameworks, with the goal of measuring the use of financial services beyond uptake indicators; these are currently used as headline indicators by the financial inclusion community. This will directly inform policymakers and financial service providers about issues in the financial inclusion market.

The study aims to test the new needs based approach to measurement, and determine the drivers of specific usage dimensions in Zimbabwe. Focusing on the use of credit, the research aims to further develop and refine approaches to measuring credit uptake and usage by adults in Zimbabwe. In this context, the study also seeks to determine the key drivers of uptake and usage of credit, as well as the determinants of different repayment behaviour using both bureau and survey data.

This study should also provide insights into three categories of financial needs that individuals typically have. These include: resilience to unexpected financial shocks, meeting economic or other life goals, and liquidity to meet expenses on an ongoing basis.

Please read the terms of reference for additional information on the requirements and scope of the study.